About Heather - Talking Tapas





Royal wedding garterI live in Wiltshire with my husband Nick and our daughter Belle, who have both taken on my love of España (they might say they had no choice in the matter!), loving our visits there each year, and even picking up a little language along the way! They also share my love of cooking, we regularly recreate a little flavour of Spain in our home in Upton Scudamore, often sharing with friends and family, in the proper Spanish way!

My love affair with Spain began over 30 years ago as a teenager on my first school exchange trip. The excitement I felt when I was able to have even the smallest of conversations with the locals, cemented my love for the language, quickly followed by my love for the people, the culture, and especially the food!

Passing on my passion for Spain brings me such pleasure, with the right encouragement anyone can learn Spanish. In the relaxed environment of my home in Upton Scudamore, with beautiful views of the Wiltshire countryside, learning Spanish will be as easy as ¡uno dos tres!



Since my first encounter with Spain, I have visited so many different regions
and cities throughout España and its Islands. I have also lived in the beautiful,
and so wonderfully Spanish, city of Seville in Andalucia.
Spain will always feel like my second home; so many wonderful memories.