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January 08, 2016

'A phrase a day' 7!

7 days, 7 phrases! Hopefully you are feeling like you have achieved something by now, and this may have made you realise how learning a new language does not have to mean sitting in a classroom. It can and should be fun, will increase your self confidence, your intellect and will give you the skills you need to be able to embrace a new country and culture! 

This last phrase is a Spanish staple, never say goodbye, always see you later, and I hope to see you later at Talking Tapas!

See you later – Hasta luego (ah-stah loo-ay-go)

January 07, 2016

'A phrase a day' 6!

This question is always handy when out and about in a gorgeous Spanish town or city! Once you have this one nailed just offer the local your guide book or map and they can show you the way:  

Where is..? - ¿Dónde está..? (don-day eh-stah)

Example: ¿Dónde está la playa? - Where is the beach?

January 06, 2016

'A phrase a day' 5!

So five days in and how are you doing? You can now greet someone, give your name, ask and answer a question, and all in only five days!

For 'A phrase a day' number five, I thought I would give you one of the most useful verbs in Spanish, which you can use in so many different scenarios:

I would like - me gustaría (may goo-stah-ree-ah)

Use this in restaurants, adding items from the menu to the end of the sentence, for example: 'Me gustaría la paella'. You can also use it in shops, and if you don't know the word for the item you can always point to it!

January 05, 2016

'A phrase a day' 4!

So now you are  able to ask someone how they are, you need to be able to answer the question yourself! Here are some responses, depending on how you are feeling of course! Have a go with someone at home asking and answering how they are in Spanish:

Brilliant! - ¡Estupendo! (ehs-too-pen-doh)

Very good, thanks - Muy bien, gracias (mwey bee-en, gra-thee-ass)

Okay - Bien (bee-en)

So, so - Aasí (ass-see)

Not so good - Mal 

Terrible - Fatal (fah-tal)



January 04, 2016

'A phrase a day' 3!

When greeting someone in Spain it's very usual to ask how you are, almost as if it is part of the greeting. Here are two informal ways of asking:

How are you? - ¿Cómo estás? (coh-moh es-tahs)

or ¿Qué tal? (kay tal)

Keep an eye out tomorrow for how to answer!!

January 03, 2016

'A phrase a day' 2

So now you can greet someone, how about being able to tell them your name!

My name is.... - Me llamo.... (may yah-mow)
Try adding 'And you?' - '¿Y tú?' (ee too) at the end to return the question.

Note: In Spanish most words are pronounced as they are written, but they are a few key letters that can throw us off, such as a 'll' (for example in 'llamo' above) which is pronounced as a 'yah'.
January 02, 2016

'A Phrase a day' 1 - Greetings!

Being able to greet someone in Spanish is so important, especially in a country where socialising is the favourite pastime! Here is a basic greeting (and variations for different times of the day), and don’t forget to give two besos (kisses) in true Spanish style!

Good morning! - ¡Buenos días! (bway-nos dee-ahs)

Good afternoon! - ¡Buenas tardes!  (bway-nas tar-days)

Good evening! - ¡Buenas noches!  (bway-nas noh-chays)